DIY Face Cleansing Routine You Should Definitely Try

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, our skin goes through a lot from the environmental pollutants, dust, and the residues of makeup or skincare products. For this reason, a refreshing face cleansing routine is essential to maintain healthy and radiant skin. The good news is with Vega Facial Cleansers taking care of the skin is extremely easy. Not only will it save the amount that you may otherwise spend for every salon visit but DIY face cleansing at home can be a lot therapeutic and an enjoyable self-care practice.

Without further ado, let’s get straight into the blog to know the steps!

Step #1 Remove makeup, if any

Makeup removal is the most crucial part of any skincare routine. Hence, you must start your skin regime for the day only after removing makeup. If you have not applied any makeup, this step is still mandatory to remove the dust that may accumulate on your face. Use Vega cotton pads & balls which are soft, gentle, organic, and free of chlorine with your regular makeup remover to effectively clean the face

Step #2 Dampen your face with normal water

Once you are done cleaning your face, it is time to start cleansing it effectively. Begin by splashing your face with normal water to dampen the skin. It will help to open your skin’s pores, which makes it easier for a facial cleanser to work effectively. You can also use your regular face mist to dampen the face

Step #3 Use Vega 3 In 1 Facial Cleanser for cleansing

Squeeze 2-3 pumps of your regular facewash on the Vega 3 In 1 Facial Cleanser. It features 2 silicone brush surfaces, one for cleansing and the other for exfoliation which also gives a massaging effect. Use the cleansing side to start cleansing by simply rotating the cleanser in a circular motion starting from the cheeks and going all the way to the forehead, nose, and other areas of your face followed by the neck area, making the best use of its 9500 Sonic Vibrations Technique that effectively cleanses dirt and excess oil

You can adjust its speed without hassle, thanks to its 10 adjustable vibration speed settings for personalizing your deep pores and facial cleansing experience. Moreover, its hypoallergenic soft silicone bristles make it perfect to deep cleanse all skin types. Ensure that your hands are clean before touching your face

Step #4 Use Vega 3 In 1 Facial Cleanser for exfoliation

By cleansing first, you help to remove dirt, dust, and sweat from the skin’s surface. Then, you get a clean surface to exfoliate away dead skin cells. All you need is to switch to exfoliation & massaging surface of Vega 3 In 1 Facial Cleanser which is essential to remove the dead skin cells and allows a fresh layer of skin cell to emerge. It has a Smart Auto-Timer Function which shuts off automatically after 90 seconds of use. With120 Minutes Runtime you can easily use at home or on the go any time. Just avoid being too harsh, as aggressive scrubbing can irritate the skin. Additionally, ensure that you do not exfoliate the problem areas caused due to acne outbreaks and so on. Doing so may only increase the issue

Step #5 Rinse your face

Once you’ve massaged your face using the Vega Facial cleanser all over your face for about 30 to 60 seconds, rinse your face thoroughly with normal water. Clean properly ensuring that there is no residue left on your face. Gently pat dry your face with a clean, dry and soft towel. Do not rub the towel on your skin as this can cause irritation. Do not forget to clean the Vega facial cleanser with running water to maintain its durability.

Step #6 Apply Serum or Moisturizer

Complete the routine by applying layer of your regular serum or moisturizer on your face and massage with Vega Rose Quartz Facial Roller which is 100% natural and premium facial roller to nourish skin and relieve stress to help you flaunt healthy and fresh skin. It is a Double Headed Roller to massage different facial areas effectively. It offers a cooling sensation that will leave you rejuvenated. The facial roller is ideal to be used by all at home, work and on the go for relaxation and skin health.


Key Takeaways

Nothing can match the impact of taking care of the skin at home by following simple skin cleaning routine as we have shared above. Skin care is essential not just for overall health but also minimize the sign of skin ageing and get radiant skin. Identify your skin type and choose the products that suit your skin like toner, moisturizer or serum and religiously follow face cleansing using Vega face cleansers for smooth, fresh, and radiant skin. You may exfoliate twice or thrice a week to make your skin feel rejuvenated and refreshed all over again.

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