Finding Affordable Office Space in the Outskirts of Bangalore

Formerly known as the ‘Silicon Valley of India,’ present-day Bangalore boasts of having several IT industries, startups, and many multinational companies. Subsequent development of the city has made it a real problem to find affordable premises for the work within the framework of the city. For this reason, today’s companies have shifted their focus to the outskirts of Bangalore in the stay-in hunt for affordable solutions.

Some of the regions that have experienced a recent upgrade of infrastructures include Whitefield, Electronics City, Yelahanka, and Sarjapur Road located in Bangalore. These areas that are still regarded as the outskirts of the main city are easily accessible through a better network of roads and means of public transport. The Bangalore Metro Rail project has also proved useful in this regard in increasing access to these peripheral areas. The above-mentioned areas should ideally suit businesses that are in search of office space for rent in Bangalore as the prices are still reasonable besides having good accessibility. 

Another potential that forces commercial ventures to put more focus on the outskirts is a favourable implication in the sense that it attracts a relatively cheaper rental. Premium is today charged for office space located in the Central business district of Bangalore and this is a major challenge, particularly for new generation start-ups and small to medium enterprises. Service providers in Bangalore confirm that organizations can also cut the rent by 40-50% if they turn to these outskirts for office space. This financial burden can be avoided by translating into relief in other core business functions which include attracting and acquiring quality talent, promotion, and development of products. 

The majority of those commercial buildings are part of integrated commercial and residential developments that consist of services which include residential flats/apartments, departmental shops, schools, hospitals, parks, and recreational facilities. As a result, comprehensive employee development will help such firms meet all the physical and functional demands of humans, consequently raising their productivity within the workplace. Most real estate consultants are quick to enumerate these advantages to businesses scouting for office space for rent in Bangalore. 

One more reason for occupying office areas in the outskirts is the fact that offices there are likely to be bigger. The city centre area is mostly crowded and space is a major issue that affects the strategic expansion of the business undertaking. The suburban areas provide better and more flexible buildings for offices considering the idea that the needs of a business can change from time to time. In this regard, the outskirts of a city whether a company is seeking conventional commercial space for the establishment of their company or a modern co-working environment, provides lots of opportunities to select from. Such options are well understood by real estate consultants in Bangalore who can help the businesses comprehend these options that will best suit their company’s needs and pocket. 

Other prospects that can be built and developed by the companies in the outskirts of Bangalore include the promotion of societal hence relational awareness. Things like conference halls, lunch rooms and even recreation centres are common features within the facilities and increase interaction and creativity. Such a community can be really useful for startups and SMEs as it allows for sharing knowledge, forming partnerships and developing businesses. 

Besides, the cost advantage and availability of space and infrastructure the outer region of Bangalore offers a relatively peaceful atmosphere, free of the city’s chaos and noise. Less traffic congestion and pollution make the environment pleasant to work in, which benefits the employees. This can mean that the rate of employee turnover is reduced as well as that morale and productivity are boosted, which is important at the core of all business. 

However, like any move outside the city centre, organizations should also analyse certain hurdles that come with operating on the outskirts. Some of the issues include the degree of difficulty that employees have to go through to adapt to the freely new environment especially those who have been used to the commercialized lifestyle in central Bangalore. However, with the modern growth of suburban areas, most of these considerations are being resolved with the help of the betterment of the infrastructure and services. It is within this context that real estate consultants bring a lot of value in ensuring businesses and their employees make the transition from traditional office space to new-age work environments. 

Therefore, it can be concluded that the outskirts of Bangalore are a viable option for any company interested in affordable office space for rent in Bangalore. The above reasons which include costs, availability of larger units, better infrastructures, and integrated developments make these regions more preferable and suitable than the congested and expensive city centre. According to the location, real estate consultants in Bangalore can be of great help in searching for suitable and efficient offices of executive standards for businesses.

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