Tips To Choose The Best Hotels For A Trip

Selecting suitable hotel accommodation is one of the most important aspects of trip planning. With so many hotels to choose from, especially online, finding the right hotel that matches your budget, needs and expectations can be an overwhelming task. However, doing adequate research using certain criteria and tips will help you identify and book hotels like the luxurious ITC Grand Bharat hotel located in New Delhi offers guests world-class amenities and finest indian hospitality within a modern setting.


Read Reviews on Travel Websites

One of the first things to do when shortlisting hotels is to read recent reviews by guests on travel websites. Go through the best and worst reviews to objectively assess positives like cleanliness, hospitality, location, services, facilities, comfort, etc. as well as red flags like misleading photos, maintenance problems, unprofessional staff, hidden charges, noise issues, cleanliness concerns, safety issues etc. before making a decision. Comparing ratings and reviews across two or more reputed travel platforms also helps validate consistency.


Compare Rates on Booking Sites

Run a hotel price comparison using aggregator websites before making a booking. The same hotel is often listed on multiple sites at vastly different rates and discounts. Compare the base price, applicable taxes, additional charges, cancellation policies, rewards offered, etc. thoroughly first.

Also check out deals like limited period discounts, seasonal sales, cashback offers, free cancellation, special packages with breakfast or WiFi, etc. that provide maximum savings on your booking. Signing up on the booking sites helps you unlock member-exclusive prices and accumulate points for future stays. Finally, book directly on the site offering the best value.


Assess Location Convenience

A major factor influencing hotel choice is its location suitability based on the purpose of your trip. If you’re travelling for work or to attend a specific event, choose hotels near the office area, meeting venue, convention center, etc. for maximum commute ease. For leisure holidays, accommodation in the main tourist zone or near key attractions is ideal.

Also consider the area’s general safety and proximity to public transport hubs, restaurants, shopping, nightlife, etc. before you book. Google Maps helps assess connectivity and distances. Staying in a centrally located area helps cover more ground conveniently and avoid traffic woes in an unfamiliar city.

Match Amenities to Your Needs

While comparing hotels, match the amenities being offered to your must-have requirements for a comfortable trip. Check for air conditioning, WiFi, coffee/tea maker, flat screen TV, toiletries, hairdryer, ironing, in-room safe, minibar etc. Look for facilities like parking, airport transfers, concierge, tour assistance, laundry, luggage storage, safety deposit boxes, etc.

If you want to use the swimming pool, gym, spa, restaurants or business facilities, ensure the hotel offers them. For family trips, check for interconnected rooms, rollaway beds, baby cribs, kid-friendly pools and clubs. Matching amenities to your trip’s needs ensures the hotel meets your standards.


Assess Value for Money

A hotel offering good value for the price provides a better experience than an overpriced yet average hotel. Don’t consider room rates alone in isolation. Assess based on the overall experience and quality offered for the price paid. A hotel with great hospitality, service, cleanliness and facilities justifies a higher price.

Similarly, a budget hotel with average comfort but friendly service offers better value than upmarket accommodation with poor maintenance and rude staff. While comparing hotel rates, also assess experiential factors that determine value beyond just the room you get.


Look for Discounts and Deals

Instead of paying the advertised standard rate, look for promotional discounts and deals that provide savings on your booking. Hotels offer early booking rates, flash sales, seasonal discounts, cashback offers, weekend packages, extra bed discounts, etc. on their websites or via travel booking platforms.

Being flexible with dates also helps you take advantage of price fluctuations. Many hotels offer exclusive student, senior citizen and corporate discounts not publicly listed. Don’t hesitate to contact the hotel directly and inquire regarding unpublished lower rates or other available offers before confirming your booking.

Pay Attention to Red Flags in Reviews

While most hotels highlight only their best aspects, reviews reveal reality around deficiencies not mentioned in listings. Look out for recurring complaints around maintenance, cleanliness, misleading photos, understaffing, safety issues, hidden charges, construction noise, etc. Use your discretion to read between the lines and identify red flags that can ruin your trip experience even if not openly disclosed by the hotel.

Check Cancellation and Refund Policy

Before confirming any booking, check the cancellation, refund and change policies attached in case your travel plans require altering on short notice. Many hotels allow free cancellation if done 24-48 hours prior to arrival. Compare between flexible and non-refundable rates. Read policy fine print for charges applicable in case of early departure, no-show, amendments, etc. Avoid non-cancellable pre-paid bookings if your plans may change.

Choose Free Cancellation Bookings

While comparing deals and rates, look for room bookings tagged as ‘free cancellation’ which allow cancellation with full refund any time prior to check-in. This provides flexibility to modify plans, accommodation choices, or dates due to unforeseen circumstances without financial losses even after booking confirmation. Opting for bookings with a free cancellation policy minimizes risks associated with pre-paid hotel stays.

Assess Hotel star Ratings

Hotel star ratings give an indication of the facilities, amenities and service standards provided. While not definitive, higher 3,4,5 star hotels generally provide better accommodation quality and comfort levels compared to budget hotels. However, do check reviews even for higher star hotels to ensure they live up to promised standards and are value for money. Location, staff hospitality and cleanliness standards matter more than just ratings while selecting hotels.

Look Beyond Hotel Website Content

Don’t consider only glossy photos, vague descriptions and marketing content on the hotel’s website. The hotel will spotlight only positives around ambiance, views, service, etc. However, reviews reveal on-ground realities on aspects not transparently conveyed by hotel content. Look for convincing photos of actual room types you book and read between the lines to glean insights into potential issues not openly highlighted.


Finding the right hotel can be challenging with so many options, but becomes easier using selection criteria like location, price, value, ratings, reviews, discounts and policies. While reviews provide authentic user experiences, also trust your gut feeling when something is amiss. With adequate research, you will find suitable accommodation at the ITC Grand Bharat is one of the most prestigious five-star deluxe hotels in Delhi known for its exquisite facilities and high-end services for leisure and business travelers.

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