Property Tax Payment Apps: Convenience at Your Fingertips

Property tax is a significant source of revenue for the local government for infrastructure development, employment generation, and the provision of essential and primary goods and services. If you possess any property or real estate, you ought to pay the tax, but the best part is you can do that via property tax online payment.

It plays a significant role in fostering financial stability and equity within local people while stimulating economic expansion and effectively utilizing land resources, as it promotes ownership rights.

Property taxes have the potential to facilitate wealth redistribution, as they require individuals with more valuable properties to pay a more significant tax amount. This mechanism guarantees that those who benefit more from public services contribute a commensurately larger share to their financing.

What is a property tax?

Property tax is a levy imposed on property owned by an individual or another legal entity, such as a corporation, and it is determined by the local government where the property is situated. Property owners are responsible for paying this tax, which typically relies on the property’s assessed value, encompassing both land and structures.

You can now make an online property tax payment with the help of any mobile app in the comfort of your home! Technology has made things easier and more accessible for all of us, so we should take full advantage of it.

What are the advantages of online payment of property tax?

  • Accessible 

Payment through mobile apps has made paying taxes easy and accessible to everyone, as they can now pay their taxes with their mobile phones without the need to go to different financial institutions. 

  • Time efficiency 

A lot of your time gets saved as you don’t have to take a trip down to the bank or any other financial institution to make the payment. Also, online payments are quick and easy, reducing operating time and effort.

  • Less default

The chances of defaulting on the tax when paying through a mobile app are significantly less as all you have to do is open the app and make the property tax online payment, thus saving you money that could have been lost in penalty otherwise.

  • Environment friendly

As the whole process is digital, no transaction is done via paper, making the process paperless and environmentally safe and sound. This helps reduce paper consumption and, ultimately, the carbon footprint.

  • Promoting proficiency

Any information you input into the e-challan will be promptly transmitted to the Income Tax Department. Banks will not require any manual data entry. Once your bank approves the payment, you will receive a legible receipt or counterfoil directly. 

The transaction ID for the e-payment will be visible on your bank statement. To confirm whether the Income Tax Department has successfully received your payment, you can verify it online by visiting the Tax Information Network website.

How to make property tax payment online?

I always used to miss the due date of paying my taxes and used to bear the extra penalty cost for default. I got introduced to Bajaj Finserv’s mobile application through a friend, and my life has become easy as now I make my online property tax payment through the app on time. 

Follow the steps written below:

  1. Download the Bajaj Finserv application on your Android/iOS device. Sign up 
  2. Tap on View All under the Bills & Recharges section on the homepage.
  3. You’ll see Municipal Taxes at the bottom.
  4. Choose the service provider and input the required information.



Property tax online payment offers transparency, allowing the owners to easily track their transactions and access receipts electronically on their mobile app. Additionally, it streamlines the whole tax collection process for the government, improving revenue collection and overall fiscal management. This trend will only grow with growing information, communication, and technology.

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