An Exclusive Overview Of Online Gambling Regulatory Framework Operating In Singapore

When gambling starts favoring innovation, it articulates freedom upon regulation. This line is identical to the deep gambling urge of gamblers worldwide. Online casino Singapore of every nation are enveloped with some robust regulatory frameworks. However, nations like Singapore have designed some regulatory frameworks that work differently. What are those rules that make the nation different from others? Its distinctive regulatory frameworks reflect its unique cultural and historical contexts. However, the entire framework runs under the control of the CRA and MHA of the Singaporean government. CRA is responsible for maintaining law and order in the casinos of Singapore. The responsibilities do not stop here; read below.

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Let’s Commence with Defining Gambling in Singapore

Under the custodian of the Remote Gambling Act of Singapore, online gambling is defined little more distinctively than the land-based gambling aspects. They have differentiated online gambling into three forms:

  • Betting: Singapore is best in its gambling approaches by providing all sorts of veneers like sports betting Singapore, casino games, and participating in lotteries. Betting stands for staking money on the outcome of a sports event, horse racing, and many more.
  • Casino Games: Singapore online casino proffers a huge lobby of trendy casino games. Wager money on various games, including games of skills and chances, poker, slot machines, roulette, live dealer games, and many more.
  • Participating in Lotteries: When people stake money in any game or competition whose outcome is determined by the chance factor of winning the match or event, it is called a lottery.

Regulatory Bodies Responsible for Supervising Gambling Activities in Singapore

Here is a list of regulatory bodies ready to supervise gambling activities in Singapore:

  • Casino Regulatory Authority: The CRA administers gambling platforms by testing their services with the customers before giving them licenses. In addition, they have also partnered with the Criminal Investigation Department of Singapore, which investigates enforcement relating to casino crime cases.
  • Ministry of Home Affairs: They can block payment transactions and hinder site access.
  • The Singapore Totalisator Board: Delve into the sports betting and horse racing activity offered in casino sites of Singapore without any hindrances now. This board upheld the legitimacy of sportsbooks in Singapore. Are you thriving to bet on these sports events now?

Online Gambling Regulations and Licensing Framework

Singaporean residents are well aware of its rules and regulations in the gambling spectrum. The legislative bodies in their nation characterize a fine balance that promotes social values and upfront economic development. The primary agencies that look after gambling activities in Singapore are CRA and MHA. The regulatory body of Singapore was formed in 2009. In 2014, Singapore introduced the Remote Gambling Act, which allows remote gambling operations in online casino platforms and telephone betting. These two bodies ensure the sites are free from criminal charges, influences, and explorations.

CRA holds the power to regulate the services and other offerings of the gambling platforms in Singapore. The question arises about ‘transparency’ and ‘fair gambling.’ CRA has responsibly worked to provide transparency in gambling by infusing fair gambling measures and practices at casinos. You can find every detail about fair gambling at the casinos’ official website. This aspect helps gamblers control the game by participating in every gambling probability, getting that fair chance to win or lose. It means the game’s outcomes are not affected by the turning and twisting of players during the gameplay. A good example of fair gambling applies to Russian Roulette and Backgammon games.

Duration of Gambling License in Singapore

When an individual is urged to open a casino business, he should strictly follow the state’s rules. It helps to run your business without any interference from the government. Certain norms must be followed – firstly, the person must acquire a legitimate license, which the gambling authority will issue. The regulatory bodies will issue a license that will remain valid for the next three years, as determined by the MHA. Similarly,  he will receive an exemption certificate that remains valid for the same three years. It will be issued to Singapore Pools by MHA, but the Remote Gambling Act does not specify the exemption fees. Fulfill the eligibility criteria by following the norms of MHA to stand in the queue to acquire a gambling license in Singapore.

Eligibility to Acquire a License

Are you wondering how to get a license in Singapore to run a casino online? According to the norms of the Remote Gambling Act, a person will be eligible to run a casino business in Singapore if he manages to apply and get  a certificate of exemption where a few lines should be obliged:

  • This certification allows the operator to run their casino services or a business in Singapore.
  • The business they are carrying operates under the custodian of central management and is controlled by MHA of Singapore.
  • His business should be a part of any relevant internet content hosted in Singapore.

Certain Aspects and Rules of Prohibitions and Restrictions on Entry Levy

Rules and regulations are imposed on people living in Singapore and its residents to enter Singaporean casino premises. These include – a punter entering the casino should be above 18. Punters below this age group cannot be a part of a gambling course. He should maintain the age criteria before entering a casino online or offline. It helps in eliminating gambling addiction and controlling problem gambling in juveniles. The casino should get its license from the CRA to operate its business in Singapore. The casino is responsible for imposing an entry levy on the people entering their premises.

MHA made the strict entry rule to make casino business legal, and casino operators have maintained it with proper order. The order has been affected since 4 April 2019. There was an entry levy for a person entering the casino horizon. Gradually, the fees were raised. Previously, it was SGD100, uplifted to SGD150 for a consecutive time of 24 hours. So, people thought of becoming permanent members with the casino to lower the fees to a certain amount, which was SGD2,000, but it too was raised to SGD3,000 annually.


Gambling and its regulatory framework work to control punters’ conception of addiction. Keeping high sincerity in the backseat, Singapore has developed new trendy casinos online. Each of them contributes to maintaining a mandatory framework for its casino business. Online casinos like Maxim88 appropriately maintain laws and order in commencing business profoundly in Singapore. You can find every detail on its website by visiting the licensing and other site terms and conditions pages. Still, it has been renowned for its services because it never fails to provide all kinds of gambling activity, including 3D games, with full concern for players’ safety and assurance. 

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