The legacy of the infamous bodyline series

The Bodyline series, also known as the Ashes series of 1932-33, remains one of the most controversial and consequential chapters in the history of cricket. You can set up an account at – online betting Pakistan can be used in other editions of these great series.

It was played between 2 countries: England and Australia. It introduced a highly aggressive and controversial bowling tactic known as “Bodyline.” It had 2 major consequences on the sport: it forever altered the dynamics of the game and left a lasting legacy on cricket. The online betting website 1xBet Pakistan also allows you to make wagers on other matches between those 2 cricket powerhouses too.

A bit of context

In the early 1930s, England was seeking a way to counter the dominance of Australian batsman Sir Donald Bradman. He was widely regarded as one of the greatest cricketers of all time. English captain Douglas Jardine devised a strategy to target Bradman. The best bet cricket online is always available from the 1xBet website, and here you can also wager on other great batters too.

He wanted to employ fast bowlers to deliver short-pitched deliveries aimed at the batsman’s body, rather than traditional line and length bowling. If you want to wager on the techniques used by different bowlers, the best online cricket betting platform is 1xBet, and you can use it exactly for this purpose.

Using a controversial tactic

The Bodyline tactic, characterized by aggressive and intimidatory bowling, sparked outrage and controversy both on and off the field. In addition to using 1xBet for wagering on cricket matches, you can also use this website as the best esports live betting place.

3 examples of adjectives given to this tactic included:

  • dangerous;
  • unporstmanslike;
  • and lacking fair play.

The series witnessed numerous heated confrontations between players, with Australian batsmen facing a barrage of short-pitched deliveries aimed at their bodies. The tactic led to several injuries, including to Australian captain Bill Woodfull. He was struck on the chest and famously remarked, “There are 2 teams out there. 1 is playing cricket and the other is not.” The best live esports betting website is 1xBet, and this platform also features a great section dedicated to cricket too.

The Bodyline series prompted significant changes to the laws of cricket. Following the series, the MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club) introduced new regulations to restrict the number of fielders positioned on the leg side. This is known as the “leg theory fielding” law, and was created to prevent the aggressive Bodyline tactics.

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