How to Safeguard Your Business from Cyber Threats

These days, digitalisation affects every aspect of business, making data security a top priority. The need to take precautions against cyber-attacks has increased as their sophistication has grown.   In this blog, we will look at the significance of ISO 27001 Training and obtaining ISO 27001 Compliance in protecting your organisation from possible cyberattacks. These and … Read more

“Exploring the Realm of Artificial Intelligence: Applications and Implications”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become such a buzzword in recent years. It’s fascinating to see how machines can learn, adapt, and work on their own, making our lives easier. From Amazon’s Alexa to self-driving cars, AI is transforming the way we interact with technology. This blog post is going to explore the realm of artificial … Read more

The Importance of CI/CD Pipeline Security

The continuous software delivery pipeline is a rich target for hackers. It contains code repositories, credentials, secrets, and development environments – all ripe for exploitation. Implement access privileges granularly. It’s tempting to let all developers and engineers access every tool within the CI/CD pipeline. However, this deviates from the principle of least privilege and increases … Read more


As technology evolves, companies of all sizes are becoming increasingly reliant on their digital infrastructure. However, with the increase in technology usage, comes the inevitable increase in technical support requests. Outsourcing can be an efficient and cost-effective way to ensure that your customers receive the best possible support. In this definitive guide, we will discuss … Read more