Basics of Stock Market: 5 Tips for Beginners

The stock exchange is a busy marketplace where individuals purchase and sell corporate shares. Companies go there to raise capital, whereas traders aim to increase their wealth. The first step for beginners is to learn basics of stock market. Knowing its operation and the factors that determine share values can help avert expensive errors and … Read more

10 Best Stocks to Buy Today For Intraday Trading

Introduction In the Indian stock market, intraday trading provides traders with several chances to benefit from transient price changes. However, picking equities with a high level of volatility, liquidity, and trading possibilities is crucial for effective intraday trading. In this article, we will examine the best 10 stocks for intraday trading strategies in India currently, … Read more

Guide on the Impact of Tax on Recurring Deposits

Taxes have an impact on how much you earn from investments. This applies to recurring deposits (RDs) as well. RDs, commonly offered by banks, allow individuals to save money regularly over a period. Therefore, it is essential to understand the tax implications on RDs to maximize returns. The interest earned on RDs is taxed based … Read more

Balancing financial goals: Understanding VRS and choosing the best saving plan for your needs

Achieving a balance between short-term and long-term financial goals is essential for securing a stable and prosperous future. This entails understanding various financial instruments and options available, including voluntary retirement scheme (VRS), and selecting the best saving plan suited to individual needs. Let’s delve into the importance of balancing financial goals, understanding VRS, and choosing … Read more

The Role of a Car Accident Attorney in Negotiating With Insurance Companies

A lawyer can help you navigate the legal aspects of filing a lawsuit. They can expertly craft a demand letter, present evidence for your injuries, and help you construct a strong liability case. Comprehensive documentation proving the extent of your injuries and the cost of treatments is vital. An experienced car accident lawyer in Philadelphia … Read more