10 Best Stocks to Buy Today For Intraday Trading


In the Indian stock market, intraday trading provides traders with several chances to benefit from transient price changes. However, picking equities with a high level of volatility, liquidity, and trading possibilities is crucial for effective intraday trading. In this article, we will examine the best 10 stocks for intraday trading strategies in India currently, emphasising both their important features and trading potential. 

10 Best Stocks to Buy Today For Intraday Trading 

  • Reliance Industries Limited (RIL)

RIL is one of the biggest corporations in India, with operations in a variety of industries, including telecommunications, retail, refining, and petrochemicals. Intraday traders could discover RIL’s stock appealing due to its strong liquidity and notable price volatility. There are several trading opportunities all over the trading session since RIL’s stock price may be influenced by events including corporate announcements, regulatory changes, and news pertaining to the company’s industry. Furthermore, RIL’s presence in important market indexes like as the Sensex and Nifty 50 increases its allure for intraday trading since it often draws substantial trading volumes and market activity. 

  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

TCS is a flagship company of the Tata Group and an outstanding worldwide provider of IT services. The stock of TCS is a favourite option for intraday traders because of its stability, liquidity, and high price momentum. Intraday traders could take advantage of these reactions, which often occur in response to quarterly earnings reports, client victories, and general trends in the IT sector. In addition, traders looking for dependable returns in the intraday trading environment should trust TCS because of its strong foundations and consistent performance. 

  • HDFC Bank Limited (HDFC Bank)

HDFC Bank Limited (HDFC Bank) rates among India’s premier private sector institutions, offering a comprehensive variety of financial items and services to retail and corporate consumers. A great option for intraday traders is HDFC Bank’s extremely liquid stock, which is also known for its steadiness and robust price momentum. Market trends, regulatory actions, and quarterly financial data are some examples of the short-term price changes that traders often profit from. Because of its vast investor appeal and stellar reputation, HDFC Bank is a preferred choice for intraday trading methods. 

  • State Bank of India (SBI)

As the biggest public sector bank in India, SBI offers its clients a wide variety of banking and financial services. The liquidity and responsiveness of SBI’s stock to changes in interest rates, macroeconomic conditions, and banking industry trends are well-known. Intraday traders often take advantage of SBI’s stock’s brief price swings, which are influenced by news about economic indicators, regulatory changes, and quarterly earnings releases. An appealing option for intraday trading chances is SBI because of its inclusion in significant market indexes and reputation as a bellwether stock in the banking industry. 

  • Infosys Limited (INFY)

Having an important share in the Indian stock market, Infosys Limited (INFY) is an international innovator in technology, consulting, and outsourcing services. The liquidity, volatility, and reactivity of INFY’s stock to business changes and industry trends are well-known. Because of things like client acquisitions, quarterly earnings releases, and technology advancements, intraday traders sometimes take advantage of short-term price changes in INFY’s shares. INFY is a desirable option for intraday trading chances because of its reputation for innovation and its status as a major participant in the IT industry. 

  • ICICI Bank Limited (ICICI Bank)

ICICI Bank Limited (ICICI Bank) is among India’s top private sector banks, giving a wide array of banking goods and services to users. One of the best options for intraday traders is ICICI Bank’s stock since it is stable and very liquid. Short-term price swings driven by events like quarterly financial reports, legislative developments, and general market trends are often exploited by traders. Because of its solid foundation and broad investor appeal, ICICI Bank is a preferred option for intraday trading methods. 

  • Axis Bank Limited (Axis Bank)

Axis Bank Limited (Axis Bank) is another important private sector bank in India, offering banking and financial services to individual and business users. The stock of Axis Bank is a desirable choice for intraday traders due to its high liquidity and robust price momentum. Short-term price fluctuations caused by news of quarterly profits, changes in regulations, and industry advances are often exploited by traders. Due to its prominent role in the banking industry and steady performance, Axis Bank is a preferred option for intraday trading chances. 

  • Bajaj Finance Limited (Bajaj Finance)

Bajaj Finance Limited (Bajaj Finance) is a major non-banking financial company (NBFC) in India, providing a wide range of financial goods and services to individuals and businesses. The volatility and liquidity of Bajaj Finance’s stock make it a desirable choice for intraday traders. Traders often gain from brief price changes caused by events like interest rate changes, quarterly financial reports, and general market trends. A popular option for intraday trading methods is Bajaj Finance because of its solid track record and wide range of products. 

  • Maruti Suzuki India Limited (Maruti Suzuki)

Maruti Suzuki India Limited (Maruti Suzuki) is India’s biggest private car maker, with a strong place in the automobile business. When it comes to intraday trading, Maruti Suzuki’s stock is a desirable choice because of its high liquidity and notable price volatility. Traders often profit from brief price fluctuations caused by variables, including shifts in customer attitude, new product releases, and monthly sales figures. For intraday trading chances, Maruti Suzuki is a popular option because of its great brand recognition and market leadership. 

  • Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL)

HUL is a top consumer products firm in India, with a wide range of brands in areas such as food & drinks, personal care, and home care. Because of its consistency and liquidity, HUL’s stock is a desirable choice for intraday traders. Traders often capitalise on brief price fluctuations caused by events like quarterly earnings reports, marketing campaigns, and shifts in customer preferences. Because of its dominant market position and significant brand equity, HUL is a preferred option for intraday trading methods. 


Finally, for traders looking to profit from transient price fluctuations, the best stocks to buy today for intraday in India provide a wide variety of alternatives. These stocks provide plenty of volatility, liquidity, and trading possibilities for intraday traders, regardless of whether they trade in the banking, IT, FMCG, or automotive industries. To increase their chances of success in the intraday trading environment, traders must, nonetheless, carry out in-depth research, evaluate market trends, and put solid trading methods into place. 

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